Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is Finally Here!

That was the talk of the neighborhood this morning as we left for work in 50 degree temperatures.  Looks like tomorrow will be spring again, but the following few days may take us back to late winter.

It has only been 4 days since I visited the frozen wetlands, but I will head out again tomorrow to see if they have opened up yet.  If the vernal pools are open, we can expect the wood frogs to be calling and laying eggs in about a week!

In case you were wondering what these amazing northern frogs might be up to right now - they are probably in the process of thawing out.  Yes, wood frogs are the famous frozen frogs!  Most amphibians find more suitable habitat for winter hibernation, such as a sandy hole below frostline or the muddy bottom of a larger lake, but wood frogs spend the winter frozen in the leaf litter.

This NOVA segment is a great intro to frozen frogs

You can learn more at: Frozen Frog: Expert Q & A (Jon Costanzo)

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